About Me


Hi! I’m Nena! I’m a student that sells plush figures. I’ve been crocheting ever since I was eight years old. Knitting and crocheting plushes as well as socks, sweaters and hats is my passion. This is my little website, Thank you for stopping by!

Ever since I learnt crocheting I’ve been obsessed❤️ After years and years of experience, I taught myself how to crochet any shape! From crocheting lace with a 1mm needle to Plushes, tops, sweaters, shorts, hats, flowers, teddy bears, dolls, blankets, scarfs- you name it. To me there’s no limit shape wise. After basically crocheting my whole life and having years and years of experience I don’t think there’s anything that cannot be done.

If you want to start with Crocheting/Stitching i recommend this beginners Book: Affiliate Link

I’ve also learnt how to knit as a child but never really enjoyed it as much as crocheting. I usually knit clothing items such as socks, winter hats, head bands but also blankets and anything decorative. Especially during winter I tend to prefer knitting and make lots winter hats and socks which my friends profit from haha❤️