I charge according to size and materials I use. How much your commission would cost depends on the yarn quality and size of the product. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more about the price of an item you’d like me to make.

Usually a plush is $60 but if the villager requires more yarn than usual or if there are complex clothing designs I charge more.
Keychains are $20 but if it requires more yarn than usual it’s $25 (p.e. Pietro)

I use acrylic (affiliate Link) and cotton yarn for Plushes as of now!! If you want me to use higher quality yarn/softer yarn (affiliate Link, affiliate Link)/velvet yarn/any specific brand of yarn pls let me know right at the beginning!! (yarn changes will affect the price)

For my plush I use various Crochet Hook Set’s. Here is an affiliate Link to one of my favorites.

Here is a affiliate Link to my yarn bowl. 💕

The Zucker plush is 30cm, I sell him for 50€ / 55 USD
The pietro plush is 30cm and 90€.
I can make the character any size you want it to be.

(btw yes I usually do ship worldwide)
All prices do not include tracking. Tracking would be an additional $5!

Australia: $17
Austria: $10
Belgium: $10
France: $10
Germany: 5€
Netherlands: $10
Switzerland: $14
Spain: $17
UK: $10
USA: $17
(if your country is not listed DM me!!)

KEYCHAINS: Usually $10

No refunds are possible once the plush has been shipped. Let’s make sure we communicate as much as possible so you receive a plush you’ll be happy with 💕

This is my biggest pet peeve. Before you commission me please make sure you can a. afford a plush and b. you really want to have this plush. Ofc you can cancel your order if I haven’t started working on your commission yet but if I’m in the middle of working on your plush and you suddenly cancel the order I will probably not consider you for future commissions as I find such behaviour rather impolite and disappointing.

If you commission an AC villager you just need to tell me the name of the character and provide further details on:
1. Clothes( here, I need pics) ,
2. Details of the character you perhaps want to change (here I need pics as well)
3. Tell me whether the character should have a certain pose, just stand or sit!

Yes. Do not worry. I’ve never run into a problem that I wasn’t able to conquer. There are no limits shape wise. (Not any I can think of at least) The only thing I cannot make is color gradient as this is a matter of dyeing crochet fabric which I have no experience in nor do I know if that’s even possible.
I mostly order yarn online. There’s no color limit therefore all characters can be made!!

(I only accept PayPal!)
There’s a first and second payment:
First payment: – cost of plush, paid once I start your commission
Second payment: shipping costs, paid once I’ve finished your commissionI mostly order yarn online. There’s no color limit therefore all characters can be made!! Please be aware that I cannot ship your plush if payment isn’t completed!

No I do not. I don’t note down how I create a certain character as it is waaayy more abstract than your usual plush pattern. When I crochet/knit something I just know what crochet movement/pattern creates what shape. This comes with years and years of experience. I also improvise alot which is not translatable into a pattern because I tend to ignore all laws of crocheting😭

Yess! Look out for my posts on Instagram and Twitter posts! I always announce when I start a new list.

I don’t know, I only accept 5 to 6 commissions at a time. Once I’ve worked through the commission list I accept 5/6 commissions again. DM me if you want to know more and I might be able to tell you a more specific time/date. Otherwise keep an eye on my social media!